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ConTex is a joint initiative of The University of Texas System and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). Established in 2016, ConTex supports bi-national efforts to enhance academic and research collaborations between Texas and Mexico.

ConTex is committed to expanding cross-border partnerships and creating opportunities to share knowledge relevant to issues of common interest to the United States and Mexico.

ConTex grant programs support researchers in both countries in their pursuit of new joint discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. ConTex fellowships provide students and scholars with outstanding educational opportunities that prepare them for research leadership and global impact.

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The National Council of Science and Technology (or CONACYT) promotes and strengthens scientific development and technological innovation in Mexico. CONACYT supports Mexico’s efforts to increase its participation in the formation, acquisition, and transmission of knowledge at the international level. Domestically, CONACYT helps increase the scientific and technological culture of the Mexican people. In addition to the research centers it operates across Mexico, CONACYT also supports the establishment of National Research Laboratories and the formation of Thematic Networks of researchers



The University of Texas System is one of the largest systems of higher education in the United States. It encompasses 14 institutions that educate more than 235,000 students. Each year, UT institutions award more than one-third of all undergraduate degrees in Texas and almost two-thirds of all health professional degrees.  With about 21,000 faculty –including Nobel laureates– and more than 85,000 health care professionals, researchers, student advisers and support staff, the UT System is one of the largest employers in the state. The UT System ranks third in the nation in patent applications