ConTex is committed to fostering collaboration between the United States and Mexico through training, research and scientific discovery. Together, we are building bridges between our respective countries through higher education research, connecting people and developing mutually beneficial ideas and solutions to our countries’ most pressing concerns.


ConTex is a joint initiative of the University of Texas System and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). Established in 2016, ConTex supports bilateral efforts to enhance academic & research cooperation between Texas & Mexico...More.


Funding is offered for doctoral students, postdoctoral & faculty fellows, non-degree student training & bi-national collaborative research projects. Funding is available in the Fall of 2017. Begin your application process one year in advance & apply to more than one program...More.



Read about the work ConTex researchers are doing to impact Texas, Mexico and beyond in our first publication, Contexere.

Expand access to UT System Institutions for highly qualified Mexican students and researchers.

Impact the Texas and Mexico economies by developing high-impact, bi-national research in targeted fields. 

Enhance cooperation between Texas and Mexico and promote a better understanding between the two countries.

The University of Texas System is one of the largest public university systems in the US. With 14 institutions and an enrollment of more than 217,000, the UT System confers more than one-third of the state’s undergraduate degrees, educates almost two-thirds of the state’s health care professionals annually & accounts for almost 70 percent of all research funds awarded to public institutions in Texas...More.

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (The National Council of Science and Technology) or CONACYT promotes and strengthens scientific development and technological modernization in Mexico. CONACYT contributes to the formation and consolidation of scientific and technological research at the highest levelto increase culture, productivity, competitiveness and social welfare knowledge...More.