Roberto Cárdenas Zúñiga Novel anti-tumor Immunotherapeutic aptamer
strategies in breast cancer treatment.
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Abdiel Keni Cota Ruiz Phytoremediation of polluted soils from the Paso del Norte;
evaluating a possible synergistic role between nanoparticles,
heavy metals and soil microorganism.
UT El Paso
Clara Luisa Domínguez Delgado Newest nanotechnological approaches combined with
physical penetration enhancers intended to treat Skin Cancer.
UT Austin
José Francisco Herbert Dual-Mode rotors for small horizontal-axis wind turbines. UT San Antonio & UT Dallas
Heber Hernández Arriaga InGaAs devices with ferroelectric HfZrO2 gate dielectrics
grown by atomic layer deposition.
UT Dallas
Karla Selene Morales Santibáñez Identification of small molecules that inhibit oncogenic
proteins in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
UT El Paso
Silvia Fernanda Psihas Olmedo Searching for majorana neutrinos and sterile CP violation to
understand the matter / animatter asymmetry of the universe.
UT Austin
Irwing Moisés Ramírez Sánchez Degradation of emerging pollutans in water with coupled
system cooper-zinc alloy and advance oxidation process.
UT Austin
Carlos Alberto Rivera García The emotional dynamics of political persuasion:
How anxiety, personality traits, and existential threats
can enhance civic engagement and poverty reduction.
UT Austin
Susana Alejandra Torres Hurtado Nanoparticle-assisted photothermal therapy + Immune
checkpoint therapy: a new approach to treat cancer.
UT Austin
Yolanda Guadalupe García Huante Generation of Improved Cpf1 variants via insertional
screens and directed evolution.
UT Austin