Frequently Asked Questions

Doctoral Fellowship Program

What is ConTex?

The ConTex office was established by The University of Texas System to support a program of cooperation with Mexico's National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). This new program will expand current collaboration with CONACYT and many other first-rate academic institutions in Mexico.

What is the ConTex doctoral program?

The doctoral fellowship will give aspiring researchers the opportunities to make new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs while studying with world-class faculty. Students from Mexico will receive financial support to study at one of 14 University of Texas institutions, studying with top researchers, while preparing for entry into a global workforce. Fellows will receive financial support for up to 5 years of doctoral study at a University of Texas institution.

What does the fellowship cover?

Upon selection, Mexican students will be guaranteed financial support for up to 5 years of tuition, fees, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. Student funding and its continuance will be contingent upon satisfactory progress in the degree program.

What is the stipend support amount and basis (9 or 12 month)?

$1,100 per month. Departments are expected to subsidize this amount in order to match their existing PhD stipend program requirements.  The stipend is awarded on a 12-month basis.

Is there a specific number of fellowships assigned to each UT system institution?

All UT System institutions will share in the total allocation of 30 Mexican students; however, all admitted students are guaranteed the fellowship during the first year of this program.

Will students admitted to one UT System institution need to compete with other students admitted to other UT System institutions for the ConTex fellowship?

The ConTex doctoral fellowships are available with no competition for funding among institutions.

What criteria will be applied for the award of fellowships? 

Admission to a UT PhD program and completed fellowship application to CONACYT are the only criteria for award. 

Is the award made on a first come-first served basis?

  • No. Request for funding applications will be evaluated by ConTex and CONACYT as soon as they are received. As part of the request for funding, students will be required to submit their letters of program acceptance to the ConTex office and complete a fellowship application by March 15. **due to interest and variability of admissions process, this date has been extended**

How will funds be managed?

CONACYT will transfer tuition, fees and health insurance funding support for admitted and selected Mexican doctoral students to the ConTex office to distribute to other UT System Institutions. The monthly stipend will be disbursed directly by CONACYT to the student at the beginning of every month.  

Will students have pre-approved funding at the time of application submission to a UT System institution?

No, but once admitted, a ConTex fellowship is highly probable, as long as student completes fellowship application through CONACYT.

Is this fellowship available to Mexican-born students who have permanent residency status in the U.S., or multiple citizenship status including Mexican?

In order to be eligible for this fellowship, a student must be a citizen of Mexico. A tuition waiver will be necessary in order to activate the in-state tuition option.

Is there a blanket tuition waiver in place for all ConTex supported students?

In-state tuition will be granted to students who are awarded the ConTex fellowship.   

How will the admissions office find out if the student receives the fellowship?

It is the student’s responsibility to advise the appropriate respective institutional financial office regarding their fellowship award. That said, the ConTex Office will facilitate this process.     

Is there a deadline to apply for the fellowship?

Yes; students are responsible for submitting their fellowship request for funding registration along with their letter of program acceptance by March 15.

What is the ConTex fellowship application process?

Information and application instructions can be found on the ConTex funding page

Will the UT System institution’s Admissions Office (or admitting department) need to instruct the student on how to apply for the fellowship?  How will students know about the program?

ConTex is embarking on a wide-spread advertising campaign in Mexico, via social media and other outlets.

At some institutions, individual departments may notify accepted Mexican students (international classification) in their offer letters.

Will English-language training be provided?

No; Mexican students are expected to be proficient in English and meet all other admission requirements. Language instruction is not included in this fellowship program.

Does the ConTex program include fellowship support for masters-level students?

Not at the moment, but this might be considered for future programs.

Does the ConTex program support existing PhD students or only new applicants to a PhD program?

It supports both existing and new, under the same guidelines.

Does the ConTex program support doctoral study in the Fine Arts?

No, not at this time.